Brush Deburring System

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Why is Brush Deburring Better than Hand Chamfering?

Brush Deburring maintains the bar width.

Brush Deburring is consistent and controllable.

Brush Deburring is FAST!

Brush Deburring is clean.


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AC Motor Equipment

CAM can provide the process equipment you need to make high quality AC Electric Motors.  Our machine design philosophy incorporates lean manufacturing principles to reduce work piece handling and operator interaction.  These are machines that can produce consistent quality products and make your manufacturing or service operation more efficient and productive.


Swaging Machine

Machine automatically swages two bars 180 degrees apart at the same time. This balances the loading on the rotor shaft and reduces cycle time.

» SRA Swaging Machine

Brazing Machine

Brazing is the fastest and safest way to connect traction motor frame coils. That’s because with Brazing, there is less chance of insulation damage from heat build-up. You get complete process control, more efficient heating and better results.

» MT Brazing Machine

Rotor Coil Winding

Automatically controlling winding tension while applying just the right amount of epoxy to ensure complete, consistent coverage of the copper wire is only part of what this machine does.

» Rotor Coil Winding

Stator Winding Equipment

A simple, robust loop winder.

» Stator Winding Equipment

Coil Presses

CAM Innovation offers a comprehensive range of presses that have been designed to work with the modern insulation materials used in both the coil manufacturing and repair industries.

» Coil Slot Hot Press

Coil Press
» Loop Consolidation Press

Lamination Press - Welding Positioner

CAMs Lamination Press makes stacking and welding laminations easier and safer. This powerful press holds the core stack together under pressure enabling the operator to rotate, flip, raise or lower the stack to facilitate easy welding access. 

» Lamination Press - Welding Positioner


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