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A busy OEM had a bottleneck in their exciter line and their engineers were in a panic. Large metal rings with lots of break out tabs were being hand taped by a half dozen employees...

Working closely with the customer's in-house engineers, CAM's design team created a horizontal ring taping concept using 3-D mechanical design software.


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Brazing Machine

Versatile, Portable, Self-Contained Brazing Machine

More Control than Open Torch Soldering!
Brazing is the fastest and safest way to connect traction motor frame coils. That’s because with Brazing, there is less chance of insulation damage from heat build-up. You get complete process control, more efficient heating and better results!

Complete Traction Motor Stator Brazing System
Mounted on wheels, the MT is a self contained, portable brazing machine with water-cooled tongs; a water-cooled 70 KVA transformer and a machine base which serves as a 22-gallon (83.3 liter) capacity coolant tank. Its pump moves about 1.25 gal. (4.5 L) of coolant per minute at 55 psi (3.8 bar).

Single or Dual Tong Units For Increased Flexibility
Dual tong machines make it easier to reach all of the connection points in a typical traction motor frame. When not using the extra set of powered tongs they are secured (ready to use) in a conveniently located safety interlocked insulated bag.

Brazing Capacity
Output Power 54 KVA
Output Voltage 14.2 V
Four Tap Positions 14.2 V, 12.9 V, 11.7 V, 10.6 V

MT Brazer power connection is to a single phase of a 3-phase voltage line.

Coolant Tank Capacity 22 Gallons (83.3 liters)
Heavy-Duty Cooling Package is available as an option for high temperature environments.

Pump Size ¼ hp (.19 kw)

Net Weight 400 lbs (181.4 kg)
Length 60” (1524 mm)
Width 24” (609.6 mm)
Height 46” (1168.4 mm)

Electrics 460 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz *
* Other electrical configurations available.

Brazing web

Duel Tong Model


Single Tong Model

Single Tong Model


Brazing2 web

Easily moves on 8” (203.2 mm) hard rubber wheels with roller bearings.


Brazing3 web

Dual Tong Model’s Interlocked, insulated tong storage bag.


Brazing4 web

90° Parallel Grip

Tongs have replaceable, “slide-in slide-out” carbon inserts for uniform heat transfer.


Brazing5 web

45° Tongs

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