Butterfly Ring Taper Story


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A busy OEM had a bottleneck in their exciter line and their engineers were in a panic. Large metal rings with lots of break out tabs were being hand taped by a half dozen employees...

Working closely with the customer's in-house engineers, CAM's design team created a horizontal ring taping concept using 3-D mechanical design software.


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Coil Slot Hot Press

Coil Press Put the Heat and Pressure Into Your Coils

CAM Innovation offers a comprehensive range of presses that have been designed to work with the modern insulation materials used in both the coil manufacturing and repair industries. Over 30 years of practical experience has gone into the development of these special machines. CAM Innovation can offer you a line of standard or heavy-duty hot presses and the ability to design and manufacture a custom coil press for your special pressing application.



Energy Efficient, Quick Heating, Easy Load/Unload


Press Heads

  • Manufactured from high-grade steel, the press heads are machined to precise tolerances.
  • The heads are of a closed cell design with a rear pivot pin and a front locking pin.
  • To open the heads for loading the coils, the locking pin is removed and the top part of the head lifted to its open position.


Press Bench
The press bench is of steel construction, fully sheeted, with top rails for the press heads to be mounted on. Contained within the bench is the hydraulic power pack.

Hydraulic Control System
The hydraulic control system is self-contained unit within the press bench. It has two set pressures to allow the operator to apply a low pressure to settle the tooling followed by full system pressure for the pressing cycle.

Heater Control System
The heater control system has three heater circuits, one rear and two front, that are independently controlled by three temperature control units. A timer can be set to indicate the end of the pressing cycle. Our heater bars are rated at a maximum of 200ºC but typically are used at 160ºC to suit the insulation manufacturer’s specification.

Control Station
The control station is designed to allow the operator to control all the functions of the press from one location.

Our tooling system is much simpler than the system used in many other presses. The same heater bars are used for every coil size and the only changes are to the tooling. Tooling is made of straight rectangular sections of steel that are ground to size.


Popular Press Options

  • Dual Pressure Approach - the process using low pressure and increasing to a higher pressure after a pre-set interval.
  • Independent Pressure Control - two hydraulic circuits control vertical and horizontal pressures independently.
  • Water Cooling System - coils are cooled by water passing through the heater bars. Available in standard and heavy-duty presses.
  • Control System - We can offer every type from basic push button control of two fixed pressures to full touch screen control with kneading (degassing), multiple pressure ramp stages, recipe storage, and data logging.
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