What Makes CAM Mica Undercutters Better?

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Automatic Undercutting - Better Results, Faster

Carbide Saws - Cleaner Cuts

Climb cut rotation - Less Clean-up time

Floating Spindles - More Accurate Cutting

Motor Driven - Reliable, Ergonomic Safe


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Model SA5200

Automatic Taping for Consistent Quality


Accurate tape overlap produces consistent wraps for better insulation. Some users have been able to add extra layers of tape for even better insulation quality.

  • Just program the coil shape and tape overlaps for the machine to consistently apply the tape
  • Servo-motor controlled

Computer Control for quick set up

  • Store set up data for many coils
  • Program templates for closed coils, open coils, and straight bars
  • Set the taping lengths on the legs for each layer of insulation
  • Change tape overlaps for different parts of the coil

Higher Quality Coils

  • Controlled tape tension produces tighter wraps for better coils and easier winding
  • The tape head moves consistently around the radii applying tape evenly so there is no tape build up in the corners

Taping Sequence

  1. Clamps are positioned for the coil
  2. Coil data is input to the computer control
  3. Coil is loaded into the machine
  4. Operator starts the tape on the coil
  5. Machine automatically tapes the slot and leg portions on one side
  6. Operator cuts the tape and removes the coil
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