Brush Deburring System

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Why is Brush Deburring Better than Hand Chamfering?

Brush Deburring maintains the bar width.

Brush Deburring is consistent and controllable.

Brush Deburring is FAST!

Brush Deburring is clean.


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Flat Coil System

The revolutionary system that is changing the technology of electric coil production, FOREVER!

Developed on the strength and expertise gained from over 30 years of experience in coil manufacturing, this new, fully-automatic coil production system greatly reduces labor time by up to 40% to 50%, while simultaneously delivering a higher quality product.

Produces consistent results every time

Automatic wire guide

Automatic wire tension control

Produces consistent results every time

Automatic wire guide for hands-free winding

Automatic wire tension control makes a tight loop

Light curtain protection

Controls the wire so the loop is straight and flat

coil winding


SW Automatic Winding Machine

Winds coil into racetrack shape


Eliminates hand-taping knuckles

Insulates the entire area automatically in two steps

Servo motor-controlled motions precisely apply the tape

Operator programs different tape overlaps in all sections of the loop

Very reliable, mechanically set constant tape tension devices

Industrial PC for easy maintenance

coil taping


ST Automatic Taping Machine

Accurately tapes entire coil


Process takes just a few seconds

Hydraulic power ensures consistent coils even on heavy copper sections

Preforming is faster and reduces the stress on the tape in the corner compared to compressing the racetrack loop in a former

coil preform



Track Shape coil can be changed to a “D” Shape


Loops accurately and repeatedly formed to final coil shape

Automatically forms the leg radius and corners very consistently

Each coil precisely-shaped for easy nesting during winding

Servo motor motion for precise results

Hydraulic clamping for firm control of the wire

Industrial PC for easy maintenance

coil form


SCZ Forming Machine

“D” Shape accurately formed to final coil contour

CAM works with your team to develop a machine that meets your requirements for production rate, space, budget and quality.

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