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Once upon a time there was a company that made insulating materials like PTFE or polyimide film for wire. They had a problem developing test samples when researching new products.

They Called CAM...


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XYT Multi-Axis Coil Taper

Programmable, Automatic Multi Axis Taping Machine Provides Consistent Quality! WatchVideo

xyt web Get Tight Tape Wrapping with Perfect Overlap

With CAM's new Multi Axis Taping Machine you'll vastly improve the quality and consistency of your coil taping.

This affordable alternative to high priced robotic coil taping machines provides many of the same benefits for a lot less.

The XYT Taping machine's multi-roll tape head automatically follows a pre-programmed path along the length of the coil on precision linear actuators.


Depending on the coil geometry, up to two tapes can be applied simultaneously. The machine's tape head contains a third tape roll stud which can be used to hold a roll of covering tape "atthe- ready" to speed tape changes.

Up to 50 different coil taping paths can be easily programmed and saved in the machine's memory without special programming tools or software.



  • Programmable tape overlap
  • Stores taping information for up to 50 coils
  • Easy to set up, simple to program
  • Coil clamps to firmly hold coil to prevent wrinkles
  • Can apply up to 2 tape layers simultaneously
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