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We proposed that he use a CAM RHT Automatic Spiral Taping machine to tape his harnesses...

...A few weeks after shipping the machine the customer called asking how fast he could get three more RHT machines. He proudly exclaimed, "we produced more harnesses in a single day using the RHT machine than we did in an entire week taping by hand"


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Turn Taping Machines

Consistent Overlap In-Line Winding!

Tractor Turn Taper

Provides tight, consistent tape wrap with precise overlap control!

Designed to work in line with a loop winder, the TTT automatically compensates for speed variations caused by the loop bar’s winding motion. The secret is in the TTT “floating” tape head.

The machine’s tractor drive securely clamps onto and crawls along the moving wire at a pre-set speed. As the loop bar turns, the wire speed fluctuates and both the tractor drive and taping head “float” on precision guide rails. The result is measured advance of the tape head giving you total control of the tape overlap.


Tape Head “floats” on precision rails to compensate for changes in wire speed during winding.




Limit switches automatically stop the winder and de-clamp the tractor drive should the float range be exceeded.

CAM's TTT Advantage

  • Automatically compensates for changes in wire speed
  • Maintains tape overlap
  • Provides constant tape tension
  • Easy to set-up, simple to adjust
  • Accurate Overlap, Wrinkle-Free Taping
  • Free Floating Carriage Lets Tractor Drive Keep Steady Pace
  • Built With Versatility In Mind
  • Sized and Customized for the Coils You Wind
  • Safety Designed In
  • Backed By CAM’s Standard One-Year, Limited, New Machine Warranty

Tractor Drive clamps onto moving wire and ensures that tape overlap is consistent.




Two Roll Tape Head applies two layers of tape at the same time with constant tape tension.

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