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Once upon a time there was a company that made insulating materials like PTFE or polyimide film for wire. They had a problem developing test samples when researching new products.

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Armature Seasoning

Automatic Control, Smart Design, Precise Alignment

CAM’s TA Seasoning Machine heats and rotates a heavy traction motor armature at high speeds. It enables a motor shop to simulate the motor’s commutator operating conditions by heating and spinning the armature.

Data Reporting
The temperature of each cycle is recorded. A data logger with a graphic display screen is accessed from the machine’s main operator control panel. Process data can be outputted via a USB port so that a commutator seasoning history can be established for each armature.

Efficient, Safe Heating
TA Seasoners can be equipped with gas heating elements or electric tubular heating elements. Baffle Plates are used to contain the heat in the Commutator area for greater efficiency. The Baffle Plates are customized to fit each different sized armature. Safety interlock circuits prevent the application of heat unless the armature is rotating at a minimal speed to avoid creating hot spots in the surface of the Commutator.


Designed for Safety
Just like the rest of CAM’s equipment line, our TA Seasoning Machine has been designed to be safe to operate and easy to use.

  • Vibration sensors monitor the spinning armature and are programmed to shut the machine down if the vibration rate exceeds a preset limit.
  • Armature support Bearings are protected by temperature sensors that shut down the machine if they get too hot.
  • Support pedestals are line bored true to each other so alignment is perfect.
  • Heavy-duty protective shield covers the entire rotating armature to hold loose particles inside.
  • A heavy-duty machine bed has the mass to stay stiff and accurate. Machined V- way and Flat-way ensure the alignment of the bearing pedestals.
  • Programmable Automatic Cycle Controls allow you to produce the same cycle conditions every time. And, the proportional heat control will ensure that you do not overheat the commutator.
  • Variable speed drive is controlled by a PLC with a drive tachometer.
  • Hydraulically opened guard saves time. It is interlocked to the drive for safety.

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