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Improving Electing Motor Shops

Improve quality of the motor giving longer life and better reliability

Lower the cost to produce a motor with more efficient methods and new technology

Reduce the time to produce a motor by using better processes and tools


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VWT Vertical TIG Welder

CAM's Automatic Welding Machines Provide

  • Very affordable Automatic Machine
  • Operator-friendly controls
  • Fast set-up on armature sleeves
  • Smaller machine footprint
  • Vertical weld flow for excellent puddling

Automatic TIG welding is a controlled, repeatable process that provides consistent, high quality TIG welds. It simplifies welding, boosts productivity and provides you with the ability to have your operator perform other tasks while monitoring the welding process. Armatures that required hours to weld manually can be expertly, easily and quickly processed with CAM's Automatic Welding Systems. CAM offers three sizes of Horizontal welding machines and a versatile Vertical System.

Heat Build up Two Welding Modes to Better Control Heat Build-Up

Continuous Arc
Weld arc remains constant over the mica and copper as the commutator is continuously rotated. Rotation speed is increased to lessen heat effect. This is the fastest automatic welding method.

Pulsing Arc
As the armature is continuously rotated, the weld arc is adjusted automatically to low current over mica and high current over copper. Pulsing the current lessens heat build-up in the armature and reduces chances of heat damage.

Vertical Welders Have A Third Optional Mode

Line Weld
A consistent bead of weld is applied along length of riser bar to connect the coil lead to the riser. Machine then indexes 2 to 4 bars to reduce heat build-up and repeats process.


Automatic torch movement and position control.

Optical sensor detects mica, controls current levels and counts bars.

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