FMU Automatic Undercutter

NEW, Flexible Mounting Arrangement! Smart, Automatic Technology!


Our NEW FMU Automatic Undercutter demonstrates a revolutionary philosophy based on collaboration between CAM and its clients. This approach will enable shops to benefit from the full capabilities of our 60 years of proven undercutting technology in a flexible package to match floor space and budget.

Ultimate Customization
The FMU features a flexible mounting arrangement so that the undercutting head can be fit:

  • On a lathe
  • To a floor stand that the client manufactures
  • On CAMs new Armature Support Frame

Best of all, the FMU head includes all of the important features that CAM has developed over the years so that your operator can do other work while the machine is automatically undercutting.

Undercutting Head Features:

Operator-Convenient Features

  • Open design so all operators are easy to see. Adjustments and maintenance are quick.
  • Very little set-up is needed.                                  Align the sensor and saw
    Set the cutting length
    Enter the number of slots
  • Safe operation with dust collection nozzle surrounding saw

Fiber Optic Mica Sensor

  • FMU fiber optic sensorThe optical sensor automatically detects mica to accurately position the saw at the beginning of the slot. An indicator light clearly shows the difference between the dark mica and light copper to make set-up easier.


High-Quality Results

  • Spring-loaded, floating saw spindle follows common skew in the mica slot
  • Cutting head moves smoothly on linear bearings
  • Saw retracts from the mica slot to save time and prolong saw life

FMU sawThree saw spindles sizes are available

  • Standard: Commutators up to 22" diameter
  • High rise: Commutators up to 35" diameter
  • XL for risers taller than 10"

Exclusive Brush Deburring System

  • FMU brush deburringCAMs patented technology removes the sharp edges on undercut copper bars, while creating a smooth radius on the corner of the bar. Works in minutes. Eliminates hours of hand-scraping. Used with the FMU head on a lathe.


Intuitive touchscreen controls are easy to understand

control panel

Built-in diagnostics show the operator the cause of a fault


ASF Armature Support Frame for FMU Undercutter

Perfect Option to Free Up Your Lathe

FMU web

If a client does not have a suitable lathe, CAM will collaborate on joint development of the machine frame. CAM can:

  • Supply a custom frame to match the client’s armature sizes
  • Supply frame drawing and roller support kit, so the client can fabricate the frame themselves

Only CAM offers a true partnership with clients. Simply tell us the dimensions of the armature and shafts, so we can propose a customized solution.

Adjustments for Different Shafts

The shaft is supported on rollers.The operator quickly sets the roller height to match the shaft diameter on the chart that we provide. Fine height adjustments can be made with the armature on the rollers. The set-up is quick.

FMU rollers

Custom ASF Frame

  • Can be designed to match a range of armature sizes
  • Roller supports move easily on linear bearings
  • Locks hold the roller support securely in place
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