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Improving Electing Motor Shops

Improve quality of the motor giving longer life and better reliability

Lower the cost to produce a motor with more efficient methods and new technology

Reduce the time to produce a motor by using better processes and tools


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Motor Upenders

Motor Upender CAM's DG UPENDER is designed to support and position railway traction motors for faster and more efficient motor disassembly and assembly. It is constructed with steel channel and angle, covered with heavy gauge sheet metal. The table rotates on a polished shaft that is supported by permanently lubricated bushings. Diamond plate steel covers the top that becomes the work platform when the table is in the up position.

A ball screw jactuator with an electric brake motor ensures smooth and positive motion throughout the travel of the table.

Optional Safety Interlock Belt secures the motor frame
to the table. It must be fastened to operate table.


DGW Motor Upender
DGW Motor Upender is a heavy-duty version with the capacity to support the weight of a complete railway traction motor with wheel set, pinion and armature. The motor is positioned across the table with the support nose through the opening of the vertical table and the wheels toward the step on the base. This provides easy access to the axle caps, pinion housing, frame end bells, and motor leads. The table works through an arc of 90 degrees for comfortable access to any part.



DGL Upender
DGL Upender is designed for the easy handling of locomotive generators and alternators. It will support and rotate the stator during repair, winding or assembly and disassembly operations.




TU Armature Upender
TU Armature Upender is for the assembly and disassembly of seals, bearings, retainers and most other parts of a traction armature.






RTU Upneder with rotor and housing 1 webRTU Rotor Upender
The RTU is used to flip an AC rotor as part of the ring brazing operation. The shaft is not installed The operator removes the rotor from the Brazing Machine to load it  into the RTU. The rotor is placed against the vertical cradle and held in position with a heat resistant strap. The RTU tilts 90°. The operator uses control levers to move the cradle with the rotor away from the table. Another lever activates the turntable to swing the rotor 180°. The cradle is then moved back to rest the rotor on the table. The RTU is tilted to place the rotor vertically so it can be moved back to the brazing station. All movements are powered so the operator does not have to touch the hot rotors.


ACM webACM Motor Upender
The ACM Motor Upender machine is used to assemble, disassemble and work on DC traction motors. Motor is loaded on machine in upright position. During work, carriage is rotated 45 degrees or full 90 degrees for various operations.

DMC Firewall is developed by Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd