What Makes CAM Mica Undercutters Better?

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Automatic Undercutting - Better Results, Faster

Carbide Saws - Cleaner Cuts

Climb cut rotation - Less Clean-up time

Floating Spindles - More Accurate Cutting

Motor Driven - Reliable, Ergonomic Safe


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EM Machine

Performs Two Processes on One Machine!

Automatic Mica Undercutting

Automatic TIG Commutator Welding

  • Produces Consistent, High Quality Results while at the same time reducing total process time from hours to minutes.
  • Floating Spindle The saw spindle floats on springs to allow the say to automatically follow skewed mica and eliminate constant tracking adjustments
  • Automatic Indexing with Optical Sensor Automatic mica slot detection and saw alignment allows operator to just set up, turn it on, and walk away to complete other shop tasks.
  • Retractable Spindle Automatically lifts the saw blade out of the slot on every return stroke speeding the return and shortening the total process time. It also prolongs the saw life.
  • Fast and Easy Automatic Undercutting Set up Armature supported on adjustable rollers for quick loading and unloading. Set up time is less than 15 minutes.
  • Automatic TIG Welding provides total process control, increased productivity and repeatable high quality results.
  • Automatic Torch Movement and Position Control puts the heat in the weld rather than in the commutator. The machine programming controls weld cycles and prevents heat build-up.
  • Automatic Control of Welding Process  The machine's Optical Sensor controls the weld arc and torch position for fast, accurate and consistent results
  • Performs Fast Continuous Arc Welding Weld arc remains constant over the mica and copper as the commutator is continuously rotated at high speed to lessen heat effect.
  • Performs Safe Pulsing Arc The weld arc is adjusted automatically to low current over mica and high current over copper to reduce heat build-up in the armature.

Armature supported on Adjustable Height Rollers

Armature supported on Adjustable Height Rollers designed to work on the bearing surface of the armature shaft. End support is provided to prevent walkoff of the shaft during rotation.

built-in coil end cut-off saw

Includes built-in coil end cut-off saw to reduce armature handling and increase productivity.

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