ACS Advanced Control System

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Eliminate set-up guesswork and trial and error!

ACS stores critical set-up specifications and machine settings for up to 200 different types of armatures. It eliminates guessing and costly machine set-up by trial and error methods.


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Our Facilities & Resources

The CAM Innovation manufacturing plant, offices and warehouse are located near the center of Hanover, in south central Pennsylvania. Our 50,000 square foot production plant contains:

New Engineering Center
• A fully-equipped machine shop
• Welding and fabrication area
• Paint and finishing facility
• Four, 5-ton cranes
• Two sub assembly manufacturing cells with 2-ton cranes
• Testing and machine development center
• Wood shop and shipping preparation area

Our administration, clerical support and sales offices are located in a separate building on our five-acre factory campus. This building also houses our engineering and machine design team.

Using state-of-the-art CAD and 3-D modeling design software, CAM engineers work with you to develop design concepts and practical, cost-effective custom equipment solutions.

CAM's technicians are experienced in the proper construction of MECHANICAL, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC, ELECTRIC, ROBOTIC, and THERMAL SYSTEMS. Our manufacturing support includes on-site field service, installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

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