Brush Deburring System

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Why is Brush Deburring Better than Hand Chamfering?

Brush Deburring maintains the bar width.

Brush Deburring is consistent and controllable.

Brush Deburring is FAST!

Brush Deburring is clean.


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Wire Covering Systems

Cable and Conductor Taping Heads For All Applications
DLTMThere are two basic taping methods used to cover wire. Which taping method, eccentric or concentric, is best for your particular taping application is influenced by how fast the tape is to be applied and the size and shape of the work piece. In eccentric taping systems, the tape core roll is rotated around the wire or work piece. In concentric taping systems, the tape is applied using a rotating guide arm as the wire or work piece is passed through the center of the taping roll.

Eccentric taping systems are able to apply tape at a maximum rate of 800 rpm whereas; a concentric taping system can be used to apply tape at speeds as high as 3000 rpm. We'll help you decide what type of system will work best for your application.

We begin by analyzing your work piece and the tape, paper, Mylar, Nomex, PEFE, glass mica, mica/polyester, film or foil you want to use. Our engineers then work with you to develop an effective machine specification and ultimately the most economical and efficient taping machine system for your demanding production application.      


Taping Heads Can Apply:  
  • Paper
  • Mylar
  • Nomex
  • Kapton
  • PTFE
  • Glass
  • Film/Foil
  • Mica/Polyester
  • Laminates
  • Aluminum
  • Textiles
  • Mica


Wire Covering Machines...


TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taping Machine

The TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taping Machine will tape conductor wires while they are being wound onto a coil loop or form. The Taping Head moves freely on precision guide rails to compensate for changes in wire speed caused by the rotating loop bar. The TTT has two adjustable tape roll assemblies with constant tape tension devices to provide wrinkle-free taping.


TT Traverse Taping Machine

Covering wire with multiple layers of tape is easily performed with the TT Traverse Taping Machine. The traversing tape head carriage is propelled along a rack and pinion drive system. Ideal for applying multiple layers of tape, the machine can be used to apply tape to materials up to one inch in diameter. The standard machine's tape head traveling distance is 120 inches, which can be lengthened to suit your custom taping needs
TT Photo


RHTO Taping Machine with Oven

Designed for use in wire testing laboratories or in short production run applications, the RHTO will tape and cure samples with a high degree of accuracy. Able to handle both round or rectangular wire up to one inch in diameter, the oven curing time can range from three seconds to eight minutes in length, at a maximum temperature of 1200 F degrees. With a RHTO, sample preparation for testing is simple.


RTR Reel-to-Reel Taping Machine

Whether feeding from a loose spool of wire or your wire dereeler, CAM's RTR machine will cover the wire harness with tapes up to 2" wide and respool the harness on a collapsible rereeler. With its compact design and small footprint, this taping machine makes working directly from wire reels easy.


DLTM In-Line Taping Machine

Automatic start/stop taping machine system designed to tape extended lengths of cable, hose and harnesses. This photo shows two interconnected DLTM machines that automatically switch taping to the other machine when the tape feed reels run low. This allows continuous, uninterrupted and accurate covering to be performed. Tape tension, tape roll angle and tape overlap adjustments can be made without stopping the taping process.


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