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We proposed that he use a CAM RHT Automatic Spiral Taping machine to tape his harnesses...

...A few weeks after shipping the machine the customer called asking how fast he could get three more RHT machines. He proudly exclaimed, "we produced more harnesses in a single day using the RHT machine than we did in an entire week taping by hand"


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Workshop Design Projects

CAM has been managing major equipment projects, facility upgrades and start-ups of motor manufacturing and repair facilities for over 60 years. We have successfully completed major projects in over 40 countries including Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, India, Nigeria, Bulgaria and Turkmenistan.
Currently CAM has ongoing and very active projects in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and China.

Kazakhstan - CAM designed and equipped a state-of-the-art locomotive motor facility in Almaty. The railroad has started a program to modernize its fleet of locomotives. The new workshop CAM designed will enable the Railway to put better motors under those locomotives, which will increase their capacity and reduce the time each locomotive is out of service. Chuck McGough, CAM’s President (second from left), is pictured with the shop’s management team at the opening celebration.

Almaty Management TeamMotorshop Management Team

Bulgaria - CAM designed a motor maintenance facility in Sofia, Bulgaria with 10 process machines. When completed it instantly became the most modern motor maintenance facility in Southeastern Europe. In addition to the shop design layout and machines, CAM provided training on various technical processes.

South Korea - in Pusan, Korea, CAM managed a project to purchase, install, and train operators on over 40 machines (ovens, automatic washing systems, automatic welding systems, material handling equipment, metal cutting machines, and electrical test sets). All pieces were installed on time. CAM provided training on modern workshop management practices and quality control systems.

St. Petersburg, Russia - CAM partnered with a major coil manufacturer to bring the first state-of-the-art AC coil manufacturing equipment to Russia. The four machine Flat-Coil Manufacturing System winds, tapes, and forms an AC motor coil in less than 10 minutes. These coils will be used in all kinds of industrial motor applications throughout Russia and eastern Europe.

Russia management team

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